Declaration of Digital Creator Production

Declaration of Digital Creator Production

Who create the future of Japan? The technology trends are rapidly changing in the world. How will we catch up with them? Or how will we lead them? The future will be created with those questions. As a group of talented creators and engineers company, Extreme Co.Ltd. will select human resources for client company and dispatch them to their office. The talents share their know-how, trends and technology with colleagues inside the company to improve their skills. Extreme will keep evolving as "Digital Creator Production", incubating the creative units that create our future. We Extreme are always at the cutting edge of Japan.

Three Major Components of Extreme’s Strength


Extreme as a corporation supports employee’s technology acquisition. Co-CORE, the incubation center of the company, is equipped with the newest game consoles and the books on professions so that we can study the modern technology. The training room next to it is well supplied with PCs with the most forefront designing software and VR devices so that we can learn the most advanced development and trendy skills. Our career supports including the training for managers is also sufficient to back up the improvement of human skills. Our employees’ enthusiasm for the newest technology as above creates spiral for our higher skill levels.


Extreme offers production function that consists with our designers. Our clients vary from financial companies, government offices, communication enterprises and to mobile game publishers. Our matching system selects the most suitable talents for the clients so that we commit the achievement more than their expectations. We are also highly esteemed for our team management at development site and our sales representatives’ support for ongoing projects, resulting into quality service since the establishment.


Since we have various achievement on versatile fields, we have restored great amount of know-hows. Our business ranges over not only the B2B solutions such as onsite project or in-company development, but also the B2C contents development such as publishing games, localizing games from overseas and licensing business utilizing our own intellectual properties such as “Langrisser” or “Cho-Aniki”. These achievements and ideas as a contents holder are sublimated into quality creatives.

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