Company History

2005 May Company Established with 15 million Yen Capital and 6 Employees (including executives).
2006 Apr Increased stated capital to 40 million Yen.
May Started Solution business which offers Human Resource
2007 Feb Started providing MASAYA GAMES at Nintendo's Virtual Console on Wii.
May Entitled as a charged employment placement service operator.
2008 Sep “Moe Mahjong Pairon” service started
2009 Mar Started Masaya Games services on SCE's "Game Archives".
Mar Released a PSP software "Zero Cho-Aniki" (Published by GungHo Online Entertainment, Inc.)
Dec Launched "Extreme Channel" on YouTube
2010 Apr Started "Moe Mahjong Pyron" mobile
2011 Nov Started servicing “Moe Mahjong Pairon” in Taiwan and other regions such as Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia (2012)
2012 Apr Established President's Award for employees.
2013 Sep Held the First Extreme Commuting at Enoshima (Regularized afterward)
Nov Launched an official web site for “Uminin”
Dev Awarded “Job Creation 2013”
Dev The first official Uminin mobile apps “Tsuminin -Uminin great circus-” for Android and iOS released
2014 Jun Co-CORE, the incubation center, open
Jun Nagoya office open
Dec Awarded “Job Creation 2014”
Dec IPO on MOTHERS (Market of The High-growth and Emerging Stocks) of Tokyo Stock Exchange (Stock ticker number: 6033)
2015 Jan Raised the capital to 276 million Yen.
Mar Started “Julia Project”, career supporting project for women
Jun Over 50 students for Creators and Engineers Training Project NSCA
Jul Released “Langrisser –Incarnation–“ For Nintendo 3DS
Oct Awarded “Technology Fast 50 Japan”
Nov Awarded “Job Creation 2015”
Dec Released ASSAULT SUITS LEYNOS (Published by DRACUE Co.,Ltd.) for PS4
2016 Jan Conclusion of licensing contract for “Langrisser” mobile apps for overseas
Apr Acquired the system integrator, “Witnest Co.,Ltd,”
Jun Held the first Client Thanks Day (Annually held afterward)
Sep Moved to 21F Metropolitan Plaza Bldg, 1-11-1, Nishi-Ikebukuro for larger office space
Sep In-company “Training Room” open
Oct Awarded “14th Technology Fast 50 Japan”
2017 Mar “Fureai Smile Garden” open in Funabashi city, Chiba prefecture
May Selected as “Growing Company Middle 200”
May Held the first Staff Assembly (Annually held afterward)
Jun Revived “Shockman Zero” (published by Columbus Circle) for ROM cassette
Oct Awarded “the 15th Technology Fast 50 Japan”
2018 Mar Held “Cho-Aniki Live Festival”
Apr Absorbed “Witnest Co.,Ltd,”
Apr Nominated as “Work-Life balance Promoters” by Toshima-ku city office
Apr Concluded Comprehensive Partnership Agreement with Zephyr, Ikebukuro Town Meeting
May Acquired the system integrator, “EPARK Technologies,Inc.”
May Equity-Method applied for “E Pet Life Inc.”(current “EPARK Pet Life Inc.” )
May Raised 410 million Yen
May Incubation center “Shachiho Co-CORE” open at Nagoya office
May Held Ikebukuro“Digital Terakoya”
Aug Started servicing “Langrisser Mobile” in China(Since then, rolled out services around the world)
2019 Apr Started servicing “Langrisser Mobile” in Japan
Jun Establish joint venture “ex-labo Co.,Ltd.” for Vietnam Offshore Development
Jul “ex-labo Co.,Ltd.” acquired “ALTPLUS VIETNAM Co.,Ltd.”
Dec Joined “Keidanren”
2020 May Made “ex-labo Co.,Ltd.” a wholly owned subsidiary
Jul Group company “ALTPLUS VIETNAM Co.,Ltd.” renamed to “EXTREME VIETNAM Co.,Ltd.”
2021 Aug "Extreme Freelance" Agent business service for freelancers launched
Aug The TV commercial "♪Digital, Taru, Barrel, Extreme♪" was released
Aug NEXTON Co. Ltd. became an equity-method affiliate
2022 Apr Change to the Tokyo Stock Exchange Growth Market
Jul Acquired the system integrator, “DRAGAMI GAMES Co., Ltd.”
Nov Acquired the system integrator, “SAS CO.,LTD.”
2023 Apr Nagoya office moved to Meieki Daiya Meitetsu Bld 5F,1-1-17 Meieki,Nishi-ku,Nagoya-shi for larger office space
Aug New office "Ikebukuro Development Office" opened in the head office building (Metropolitan Plaza Building)
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