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President and CEO Shohei Sato

We aim to create new corporate value as a digital creator & it engineer production supporting the world with IT technology.

EXTREME Co., Ltd. was born on May 6, 2005.

The founding staff, including myself, was born in a condominium room with a total of 4 people and an office of about 10 tsubo, but now the colleagues we work with have grown to a little less than 600 people, including overseas affiliates. I am.

Our corporate concept is "a company that creates seriously interesting things. A company that creates fun for the future."

In this concept, we want to create an exciting future for everyone, and for that purpose, we must work seriously without compromise.

Furthermore, in order to realize this concept, all executives and employees are advancing their work day by day with the “Speed ​​Quality Challenge” as the action guideline.

We will continue to work hard together as executives and employees to deliver a lot of "fun" to everyone.

We ask for your continued understanding and support.


  • Speed
    • We are always aware of full speed.
    • We can do what we can do today, we can do it now.
    • We don't put it off.
  • Quality
    • Quantity translates into quality.
    • We do not compromise.
    • Various ideas and challenges result in high quality.
    • We aim to be one step ahead of deliverables that satisfy our customers.
  • Challenge
    • Step forward without fear of failure.
    • We are not satisfied with the current situation and always try to improve.
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